Hunderds of Israeli Facebook credentials and credit card info hacked by Anon Ghost

Anonymous Hackers dump thousands of Email and Facebook users logins and Payment cards data belonging to Israeli users
Online hacktivist group, Anonymous have leaked confidential info  of Israeli users under an operation called #OpIsrael 2015. The leak dump also contains credit card details of Israeli users.
Anonymous hackers had threatened to launch an Electronic Holocaust against Israeli websites and web resources in the month of March for Israel’s involvement in the military conflict in Palestine. The hacktivist collective promised to hack servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, banks, and public institutions.
On Saturday AnonGhost leaked uses info and passwords of 53 Facebook users on paste website Pastebin a database. They also released another database containing 6000 Email accounts with usernames and passwords of services based in Israel. Reports indicate that these email ids and passwords are relatively fresh and were collected on 4 April 2015.
Another hacker group, calling themselves Anonymous Arabe, dumped payment card details belonging to Israeli users, complete with names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, and type of the card, as well as their number, type, CVV (card verification value) codes and expiration date (valid in most of the cases). Some entries also have email addresses attached.
In a separate paste, the Anonymous Arabe released access details for over 6,000 Internet devices which they claimed were Israeli modems.
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