Getting Android on your wrist, a project 'Circlet'

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We've heard of many android devices being announced in this year but we have not imagined of a device same as bracelet  which shows display of your android phone on your wrist, same like projector does show the display in greater size on any object. This project is named as 'Circlet' which enables you to use your device which is running Android operating system on a larger size on an object like wrist rather than confusing and trying to manage your work on other wearable projects like Android Wear but this would enable you to use it in on a larger screen which managing your stuff easily.
This project Circlet uses 8 long range sensors, pico projector and other extra ordinary hardware which enable you to use it. To use it we just need to twist our wrist and then it will start showing your device's display on your wrist and would enable you to control your device by your wrist which would obviously make you feel comfortable.
The company behind Circlet haven't announced the release date yet but it is expected that it may release nearly 2015, although the company isn't starting any funding campaign but they're accepting donation.
In our opinion, the project Circlet came up with new idea which wasn't decided by any company till now and It would obviously fire up the market in some hours after the release date as this is a new diea comign up with new design and hardware.
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