Cheap Stunt by ISIS to Terrify Civilians

It was Sunday, 16th November; when a disturbing video with title “Islamic State Claims Beheading of Former U.S. Army Ranger/Aid Worker Peter Kassig” was leaked on internet by a terrorist organization ISIS. It was clearly mentioned that the video was intended for ONLY mature audience. It was later discovered that the video was actually meant to release for only SICK audience. Before going further, let me confess that I am neither agreed with the US policy of waging war on Muslim countries on the name of so-called ‘war against terror’ nor supporting any type of fanatics killing innocent on the basis of their wrong interpretation of religious beliefs.
Now let’s come to the main point. The purpose of video was to convey a message to Obama government and warned the United States that they had beheaded a hostage ‘Peter Kassig’ (former US soldier). They had also confessed that they will continue these episodes in the future, with not only other US soldiers but the civilians as well, that too on their own streets of America. Sound scary? HELL yes it is!
Huge slip-ups were bopping in the video, which give birth to hundreds of questions against these radicals such as:
·        From where the hell these militants are getting funds?
·        Why they are wasting money on uniforms?
·        From where they get heavy vehicles?
·        Why they are so desperately trying to come on limelight? 
·        Why media team working like Hollywood professionals, that too just to send a little warning message?
·        From where they got the ‘fatwa’ of killing civilians and why announcing it to whole world?
·        From which ‘mufti’ they got permission before killing Peter Kassig and other 14 hostages without presenting them to any court or ‘Qazi’ (judge).
·        Under which law it is said that prisoner had to do walk on ‘dusty’ ramp before getting slaughtered by captor or hostage-takers?
·        Not a single law or ‘religious conviction’ allow to kill human in the way that video was showing BUT By showing the faces of hostages in a way that the audience actually started to feel like a picture of helplessness; and by giving slow motion effects with dramatic background soundtrack was nothing but a cheap stunt to terrify the audience.
·        What’s the point putting logo on videos? Are they having copyright issues so that in case if ANY other terrorist organization DARE to put ISIS video on their page; they can report Google and take the video down? I know it sounds lame but what else could be the reason behind putting LOGO on this video?
·        Check out the first video of duration one minute and twenty five second; at 0:02 a dramatic flashy transition is used with sensational background sound, that is something like ‘Shewww’ which almost take your breath away (if not, then congrats! because this proves that you got GOOD nerves).
·        Some effects were used in audio as well; I mean that was just TOO much. Why on earth the militants (the so-called lover of god) wasting their precious time on VOICE editing?
·        In the beginning of video, militant is holding a deadly dagger in his hand, especially when there is no use of it left. So my question is simple, if ‘Peter Kassig’ was already beheaded, then what’s the point holding dagger in hand? 
Perhaps the director is trying to scare the weak hearted audience!
·        In the end of the video, at ‘1:18’ same gaudy effect with background sound ‘Sheww’. Can any of you PLEASE explain me ‘WHY’? :/
·        Checkout the graphic work of this HD quality video, particularly the second one. Was that really necessary to add such amazing Hollywood type of graphic effects to send a simple warning message?
I have watched the video several times BUT still unable to figure out why so much effort was being done just to send a simple warning?

Article by : Aaysha Saddiqua
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