How to protect your credit card

Always check your credit card when returned to you after a Purchasing to Make sure it is your card.

Do not give your card number out over the phone without knowing why. Know who is asking for your number on the phone before giving out the number. Make sure that person is employed by a reputable catalog company, organization or business. If it was an unsolicited call, do not give the number out.

Do not use your credit card on an unsecured or fake website. Online purchases are fast and easy. However, unless the website is secure and trusted, your credit card number is at risk for being hacked. Use only websites that explicitly state they are secure and reputable businesses and for which such claims can be verified.

Do not post confidential information on social networking sites such as twitter and facebook or other. Many people love sharing all kinds of things about their lives on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. However, sharing too much can leave you open to ID Hacker.

Protect your Card pin numbers at ATMs or when using the telephone.

Do not give out personal information when you have not initiated the conversation.

Unless you initiated the call, DON'T give out:
•    Your date of birth.
•    Your Social Security number.
•    Your mother's maiden name.
•    The three-digit security code on the back of your card.

Always check your monthly statement. Make sure the charges are yours. Report them to your card company if the entry is not yours.

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