Anonymous hackers Exposes pro-ISIS Sites and Hosting Companies Protecting Them

Anonymous hackers has just released a list of websites allegedly supporting the ISIS terrorist group. The list also contains names of hosting companies or protecting these sites from DDoS and other attacks.

Originally, this list was compiled by “GhostSec” (A group working with other hacktivists to expose social media accounts, websites and other handles supporting the ISIS group online).

Thelist of 70 websites from around the world, next to each URL you will find it’s host name (i.e. hosting website).

According to Anonymous, not only these websites but also social media platforms attached to these websites were also frequently used by the Islamic State for transmission of propaganda, religion, recruitment, communications and intelligence gathering purposes.

The hacktivists claim CloudFlare is by far the largest offender on this list. Though, CloudFare’s staff was made aware of the specified content they are protecting but instead of replying, they blocked Anonymous out of their contacts.

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